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Categories for all occasions
We add new categories every week.
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Categories of emails
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Suggest a new category of emails. Rate other people's suggestions. We'll add the most trending email categories to Emaily.
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We spend 650 hours on emails every year

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According to the research, we spend 650 hours on emails every year. Just imagine — it's 27 days or 81 workdays.

Browser extension

We're making a plugin to help you generate awesome emails right in your Gmail, LinkedIn, and Yahoo inbox. Or on any other website where you work and chat.
Browser extension
It's so annoying to add another service to your bookmarks and forget to use it. We know how it feels.
Emaily plugin
I spend about 30% of my work time emailing candidates. Usually, I use templates, but they start repeating each other at some point. Emaily helped me make my emails more diverse while not too complex to read. Definitely a promising app for those who write emails daily.
Marta P.
Head of HR at Qubstudio
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Is Emaily available for free use?
Yes, Emaily is a completely free service. We'll launch premium paid plans later in 2023. Read more about paid plans.
How often will you launch new email categories?
We're going to add 1-2 new categories & topics weekly. So you'll never run out of new emails suggestions!
I can't find the category / topic I need
Are we missing a category that you can use? Suggest it on a categories page or via the link here, and we'll add it to the main categories list ASAP.
Which Emaily features can I use now?
Emaily is available in a beta-version now. Still, you can use our Email generator and Templates feature, which allows you to save and create custom email templates.
What is Templates?
Templates is a space within Emaily that allows you to store your ready-to-send emails and email templates. It saves your time - no need to keep your reusable texts for emails in different folders or apps anymore. Learn more about Templates.
Which features and changes you're going to release in 2022-23?
You better buckle up, because 2022-23 are going to be a fruitful years for Emaily and all its users. We'll release our much-awaited Browser extension and add the "Team" plan to allow you to work in groups with emails.
What's more, we'll launch new premium plans to help you get the most out of our new features. Check out our roadmap to see how Emaily is going to surprise you in 2022.
What is a Browser extension, and when will it go live?
Our browser extension will allow you to use Emaily on any website. Generate ready-to-send emails right in your Gmail inbox, LinkedIn chats, or Facebook messages. How will it look like?
Where can I Request a new feature \ Report a bug?
Your opinion matters. That's why we have created a new space within Emaily where you can Request a new feature, or Report a bug you may find.
How do I know about the latest releases and updates?
Keep your eye on the ball! Follow our pages on social media and be the first to learn about our latest news and updates. We'll never spam in your feed — just notify you about the release dates and feature updates. Here are our Instagram / Facebook / LinkedIn pages.
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