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Store all your emails in Templates
Did you find a terrific email template but don't know where to save it?

Wanna send your email template to a friend or collague? Easy peasy!

Share your templates with anyone

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Organize your email templates by sorting them into folders. There are no limits — create as many folders as you need.

Sort your email templates into folders

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Feel like you can use this generated email once again? Then save it to templates to have it at hand!

Save your best generated emails to templates

Sick and tired of storing your email templates in different folders across multiple apps? Now you can keep them all in one place.

Keep all your emails in one place

Use your email templates on any website with the browser extension

You don't need to visit Emaily every time you write someone. Use your email templates on any website with our browser extension.

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What is Templates?
Templates is a space within Emaily that allows you to store your ready-to-send emails and email templates. Only you have access to your templates.
Why should I use Templates when I can save my emails in Google Docs or Evernote?
Of course, you can still keep your email texts in various apps. But when you need to find something quickly — oops, you may spend hours digging through your folders and apps.

In turn, our Templates feature saves your time — no need to keep your reusable texts for emails in different folders or apps anymore. It allows you to keep all your email templates in one place and access them in two clicks via the browser extension.

P.S. Browser extension will be released soon.
How many templates can I create?
In 2021, Emaily allows you to create as many templates as you want. Don't limit yourself! Though, in 2022 our free plan will be limited to five* custom templates per account.

*tariffs can change until the release date
Can I share my templates with other people?
Soon you'll be able to share your templates with anyone by creating a public link to them. We're working on this feature now!
Do I need to create an Emaily account to collaborate on other users' templates?
Not really, you just need a link to the template with a public view.
What is the difference between an editor and a viewer of a template?
Editors can change the text of an email template, change its accessibility, and delete the template. Viewers can only copy the text of the template and leave their comments on it.
How many folders can I create, and how many emails can I store in one folder?
You can create as many folders as you need (if you want 1000 of then, go on!) The number of email templates that you can put in one folder is also unlimited. Organizing your digital workspace can be better than pizza, so we wouldn't dare to limit you at this!
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